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Hadeer Omar (1988, Alexandria) is an Egyptian new media artist, designer, and educator. Omar holds an MFA in Design and BFA in Graphic Design. Her research explores cultural identity and memories, the self, and narratives artfully through immersive XR media and technologies, graphics, photography, A/V performances and video art installations.

She currently serves as an Assistant Professor at VCUarts in Qatar, and a former artist in residence at Doha Fire Station program in Qatar. Her work has been showcased in Egypt, San Francisco, Austria, France, UK, Bulgaria, Qatar, Dubai, St.Petersburg and Berlin.

Omar's passion for storytelling, cultural movements and pop ones crosses disciplines within art, immersive technology, new digital media, photography, and film, as a means of presenting stories through her work. She found her way by utilizing digital and analog tools, to observe her surroundings, document her process, and build a body of work that tells stories.

2022: “It’s everywhere” with @youssefalimam aka @jaydenoath at @fromtamgallery, Cairo, Egypt
“Al-arda” installation, Eiwan Algassar Gallery, Doha, Qatar
2021: “When the world closed” Shubbak Festival in collaboration with Sonic Jeel, London, UK
2021: "And thereafter" audiovisual and light installation in collaboration with Sonic Jeel and Katia Kolovea, Alkoot Fort, Doha, Qatar
2021: "Sonic jeel Performance" Projection mapping and light installation, Printed Matter's virtual art book fair, NYC, U.S.A.
2021: "Fragmented realities" audiovisual installation, Grey Times Exhibition, Doha Fire Station, Doha, Qatar
2019: Co-chairs for Tasmeem Doha Art and Design Conference 2019, Doha , Qatar
2018: “The reason - July 2017” "Official selection" France and "Official selection" Qatar
2017: “3arabizi keyboard” project was given an honorary mention at the STARTS Prize – Grand prize of the European Commission honoring Innovation in Technology, Industry, and Society Stimulated by the Arts, Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. The project was showcased at Drive: Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin, Germany
2017: “Chaos Antidote” co-directed experimental documentary short film, screened at Facade Video Festival, Bulgaria, and "Official selection" Ajyal Youth Film Festival, Qatar
2015: “Hack you” screening at Cairo video festival and Roznama, Cairo, Egypt
2011: “Ouda w Sala” documentary short film