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Time Studio, Fall 2019
Art Foundation Department, VCUarts Qatar

Art foundation department in collaboration with the Fashion Design department
VCUarts Qatar and Sonic Jeel.

︎The students worked collaboratively with their classmates, to produce an immersive 30 seconds virtual reality (VR) experience. It’s a virtual reality fashion film that showcases the fashion design seniors’ collections at VCUarts Qatar. Each fashion collection has its own narrative, they had to discover their own voice to tell a story using time in 360 environments, merging between fashion, new technologies, and filmmaking︎


Meta-Functions of Cultural Production

Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts in Qatar (QA)

As VCUarts Qatar’s inaugural participation in the ARS Electronica Campus Exhibition, Meta-Functions of Cultural Production features a selection of 10 works produced by undergraduate and graduate students and student-faculty collaborations. Reflective of the diverse creative and cultural ecosystems of Qatar and the larger SWANA region, this exhibition presents a multifaceted exploration into the metafunctionality of cultural production and preservation.

Students and faculty on the Qatar-based campus engage in a plurality of hybrid forms of creative practice-crossing domains and intersections in art, design, science and technology. This exhibition showcases the creative outcomes of multidisciplinary explorations, highlighting the innovative and highly collaborative approaches cultivated by our community.

Unpacking complex issues and challenges through critical insights and new perspectives, the selected works invite visitors to explore and unpack meaning through cultural forms and contexts existing within systems of communication, behavior, and interaction. Meta-Functions of Cultural Production includes a selection of works exploring Arabic typographic forms, nanotechnology for increased functionality in textiles, generative processes translating pattern to sound, usages of AI datasets for blind contour drawings, prototyping for responsive architecture and a visual exploration in cultural conceptions of place.