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WHAT IS WATER WITH WATER? An experimental publishing project and visual research lab based in Doha Qatar. W/W/W is a visual research project started by Nathan Ross Davis in 2015 with the help of Sarah Elawad. Nathan is a designer and an associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar. Sarah Elawad is a partner in all W/W/W projects (in academia we say Co-PI), contributing to creative direction, design production, strategy, logistics, project management, social media, and sales.

This project was designed by Sarah Elawad and Nathan Ross Davis, with production assistance from Eman Makki, and loads of images from Gihad Ataalla, Hadeer Omar, Eman Makki and Jood Elbeshti.
All the way back in 2017, Hadeer Omar started showing Nathan some of the good morning messages her family sent on their family WhatsApp group. It was the start of a casual collection, which became more and more filled with flowery daily encouragement sent between loved ones.Some of you have seen these before, some of you try to ignore them, but we are stepping in to monumentalize these not-so-trivial moments of goodwill, sentimentality and typographic innovation from your Mom (and aunts, and cousins, and coworkers, and…) Have a blessed day!!

Available in the Artist Book Collection of the New York Public Library.

150x210mm, Offset, 300GSM Woodfree
4/4 + PMS 806 + Gold Foil, Edition of 150
Published and Printed in Qatar, 2020


The strawberries zine is based on packaging from a popular fruit flavored gum common in the Gulf, and an Egyptian phrase which is sometimes used to associate various fruits with attractive female identity.

Available in the Artist Book Collection at the J. Thomas Watson Library at the MET, and at the New York Public Library, the Arabic Collections at the British Library, the Tai Kwun Art Center in Hong Kong, the Asia Art Arichive in Brooklyn, and the Graphic Arts Center in Portland Oregon.

4 color Risograph zine, 24 Page,
A5 191x135mm
100 GSM Munken Polar
Edition of 100
Printed in the UK by DRUK, 2018